Reserve Brakes

Reserve Brakes schematic Shutdown Right Engine Hydraulics System Normal Brakes Reserve Brakes Switch

The reserve brakes system provides power for brakes in the event of a loss of both Right Hydraulics and Left Hydraulics system pressure.

Pressing the RESERVE BRAKES switch provides reserve hydraulic fluid to the right system electric pump. The pump is isolated from the other right system components so that pump pressure is then supplied exclusively to the Normal Brakes system. The BRAKE SOURCE light extinguishes when pressure is available.

The BRAKE SOURCE light illuminates and the EICAS advisory message BRAKE SOURCE displays if both the normal and the alternate brake system pressures are low. The light extinguishes if the Reserve Brakes system is selected and pressure is available. If the BRAKE SOURCE Light remains illuminated, the Brake Accumulator is the only source of power to the brakes.

Brake Accumulator