Landing Gear - EICAS Messages

Message Level Light Condition
ANTISKID Advisory ANTISKID A fault is detected in the Antiskid System.
AUTOBRAKES Advisory AUTO BRAKES Auto Brakes are disarmed or inoperative.
BRAKE SOURCE Advisory BRAKE SOURCE Normal and alternate brake System Pressures are low.
PARKING BRAKE Advisory PARK BRAKE The parking brake is set.
Message Level Light Condition
GEAR DISAGREE Caution GEAR Gear Position disagrees with landing gear position lever.
GEAR DOORS Advisory DOORS One or more Gear Doors are not closed.
Message Level Light Condition
AIR/GND SYS Advisory   Air/Ground Sensing system failed.
NOSE A/G SYS Advisory   Nose Air/Ground Sensing system failed.
TAILSKID Advisory TAILSKID Tailskid position disagrees with the landing gear position.

Warning Systems