Flight Instruments - Standby

Standby Attitude Director Indicator

Standby Attitude Director Indicator A self-contained Standby Attitude Director Indicator (ADI) incorporating an ILS display is installed.

In the event that all generator power is lost, the Standby Attitude Director Indicator will be supplied with electrical power from the Standby DC Bus for approximately 90 minutes. ILS information is provided from the C-ILS receiver.

Standby Airspeed Indicator (Pneumatic)

Standby Airspeed Indicator The Standby Airspeed Indicator provides current airspeed in knots. It is connected directly to the R AUX PITOT and the alternate static ports.

Standby Altimeter (Pneumatic)

Standby Altimeter A single Standby Altimeter indicator is installed. Input for the indicator is from the alternate static ports.

Standby Magnetic Compass

Standby Magnetic Compass

A standard magnetic standby compass is provided. A card located near the compass provides heading correction factors.

Flight Recorder