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Flight Control Position Indication. The primary flight controls are the Ailerons, Elevators and Rudder. The control column, control wheel, and rudder pedals control these flight control surfaces. The primary flight controls are powered by redundant hydraulic systems; there is no manual reversion.

Secondary flight controls include a moveable horizontal Stabilizer, Spoilers, and leading edge Slats and trailing edge Flaps. Spoilers operate differentially to assist Ailerons for roll control and symmetrically as Speedbrakes. The Flaps and Slats can be operated by an Alternate electric system.

Flight Control Shutoff Switches

There are three guarded flight control shutoff switches that control hydraulic power to the Stabilizer, Elevators and Rudder. The flight control shutoff OFF light illuminates and the EICAS advisory message L, C or R FLT CONT HYD displays when a flight control valve is closed. If two or more OFF lights illuminate the EICAS advisory message FLT CONT VALS displays.

Pilot Controls

The pilot controls consist of:


Jammed or Restricted Flight Controls

The columns and wheels are connected through jam override mechanisms. If a jam occurs in a column or wheel, the pilots can maintain control by applying higher than normal force to the other column or wheel to overcome the jam. There is protection against system damage when applying high control forces. When a restricted portion of the flight controls are bypassed, some control effectiveness may be lost.

The rudder pedals are rigidly connected between the two sides.

Speedbrake Lever

The speedbrake lever allows manual or automatic symmetric actuation of the Spoilers.

Flight Control Surfaces

Pitch control is provided by:

Roll control is provided by:

Yaw control is provided by a single Rudder.

Flaps and Slats provide high lift for takeoff, approach, and landing.

Symmetric Spoilers are used as Speedbrakes.

Flight Control Surface Locations

Flight Control Surface Locations.

Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Ailerons Ailerons Stabilizer Stabilizer Elevators Elevators Rudder