Communications - Passenger Address

The Passenger Address (PA) system allows flight deck crew members and flight attendants to make announcements throughout the cabin. Flight deck crew members make announcements with any microphone by pushing the PA transmitter select switch on an Audio Control panel. Then, pressing any of the PTT switches will key the system for PA announcements.

HANDSET Flight deck crew members can also use the handset located on the aft aisle stand to make PA announcements. The pilot lifts the handset from the cradle and presses PA button to initialize the system. Pressing the passenger address PTT switch will key the system for announcements. Flight attendants can utilize any of the handsets in the cabin for PA announcements.

The system is monitored on the flight deck by pushing the PA receiver volume control on an Audio Control panel and adjusting the volume. This will adjust the audio volume to the flight crew headset only. It does not adjust the volume of the output broadcast over the PA system.

The cabin PA announcement priorities are:

PA announcements from any station override all passenger cabin pre-recorded announcements and passenger entertainment outputs.

PA IN USE light

The PA IN USE light is installed on the overhead panel. When the light is illuminated, the pilot is alerted that making an announcement on the PA system would interrupt a current pre-recorded message or announcement being made in the passenger cabin..

Video Light

The VIDEO ON light is installed on the overhead panel on the flight deck. When this light is illuminated, the pilot is alerted that making a PA announcement would interrupt a video being viewed by the passengers.