Boeing Bulletins


Number Subject Date
  General Description  
GEN-5 EICAS Indication Of Impending Engine Fuel Filter Bypass 25 June 1996
GEN-11 Spoilers - Inflight Deployment 28 November 1995
GEN-12 Uncommanded Autopilot Engagement, Flight Mode Changes, And IAS/MACH Window Speed Changes 31 October 1997
GEN-13 Uncommanded Autopilot Engagements Or Uncommanded Autoflight Mode Changes 28 November 1995
GEN-15 APU Automatic Shutdown At High Altitude 11 April 1996
GEN-16 Center Tank Fuel Pumps 16 October 2003
GEN-17 Loss of Inertial Reference System (IRS) Input to RDMI/RMI During Standby Power Operation 17 May 2007
GEN-18 Uncommanded Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Shutdown Prior to Engine Start 22 November 2006
GEN-19 Missing Advisory-Level Message Logic in EICAS Computer P/N S242N701-1001 Operating Program Software (OPS) Version 6 10 March 2008
GEN-20 Replacement of STANDBY BUS OFF Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) Checklist 23 December 2009

Rolls Royce


Number Subject Date
FMC-2 Consecutive Conditional Altitude Waypoints Map Anomaly 20 November 1995
FMC-10 FMC Assumed Temperature Derate Anomaly 2 April 2001
FMC-11 FMC CDU Scratchpad Message "Enter IRS Position" 2 April 2001
FMC-12 FMC Engine Out (E/O) Standard Instrument Departure (SID) 2 April 2001
FMC-13 FMC Failure During VOR Remote Tuning 2 April 2001
FMC-14 FMC Holding Pattern Anomaly 6 July 2001
FMC-15 FMC VFR Approach Anomaly 27 May 2004
FMC-16 VNAV Anomaly During Intermediate Level Off 27 May 2004
FMC-22 VNAV Descent Through MCP Altitude 15 November 1996
FMC-23 VNAV Descent to Holding Altitude 1 April 2002
FMC-24 VNAV PATH Altitude Overshoot 4 February 1996
FMC-26 Pegasus Flight Management Computer (FMC) Lock-Up Anomaly Due to Data-Bus Communications Failure 6 October 2005
FMC-27 Incorrect Turn Direction During a Standard Instrument Departure (SID) 23 August 2005
FMC-28 Performance Predictions Anomaly in Flight Management Computer (FMC) Product Improvement Package (PIP) and Pegasus Software Versions 16 December 2005
FMC-29 Pegasus Flight Management Computer (FMC) Departure Routing Anomaly 24 July 2006
FMC-30 Honeywell Flight Management Computer (FMC) Anomaly 27 November 2007


Number Subject Date
753-1 757-300 Proximity Sensing Electronic Unit (PSEU) Fault 12 December 2009