Airplane General - Galleys & IFE

The following notes are from the Maintenance Manual


Electric load control units (ELCU) and galley load relays (GLR) protect the galley circuits. The ELCUs and GLRs are controlled by the bus power control unit (BPCU) to reduce loads in galley buses. Loads are reduced in two stages depending on the overload. If overload persists, the galley bus is totally de-energized. All GLR's are de-energized if a single source overloads during ground operations, or if single generator operation occurs during flight. ELCU's will de-energize if overload persists. Galley Bus is reset by the UTILITY BUS switch.

Passenger Inflight Flight Entertainment (IFE)

The video system provides pre-recorded video programs for passenger viewing. The video programs are displayed on video monitors located in the passenger cabin. The video program audio can be heard through the passenger address system speakers and/or through the audio entertainment system at each individual seat.

The video system receives AC power from one of two sources. When the airplane is in the air, the video system receives AC power from the Right Utility Bus. When the airplane is on the ground or when either engine is being started, the video system receives AC power from the Right AC Bus. The video system receives AC power through six circuit breakers on right misc electrical equipment panel (in the forward E/E bay). The system also receives DC power from the Right DC Bus through a circuit breaker on the overhead panel. The source of DC power does not change.


Lcd Video Monitor

Passenger Entertainment System (PES)


The passenger entertainment system supplies entertainment audio to the passenger seats. The system gets power from the Right Utility Bus through circuit breakers on the right miscellaneous electrical equipment panel (under the flight deck). The power relays get power from the Battery Bus through a circuit breaker on the overhead circuit breaker panel.

Entertainment Control Switch

The system is controlled by an entertainment control switch (also referred to as the PES switch) on the forward attendant panel.

EICAS Messages